MIM Webinar aggiornamento per trasmissione in streaming, in live....su diverse piattaforme digitali

MMI Workshop
14th October 2022
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MultiMedia International: Religiosi che aiutano i religiosi ad usare i media in modo efficace nella missione di evangelizzazione

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Dear MMI Friends,
Learn how to stream your live sessions, interviews, classes, events, webinars, online Masses like A PRO to different social media platforms !! ...
On line meeting with Father Louie GUADES III, CMF

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Cari amici de MMI,
Scopri come trasmettere in streaming le tue sessioni, interviews, eventi, foramzioni,  in live, come un PRO su diverse piattaforme digitali... ... Incontro on line con  Louie GUADES III, CMF
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Chers amis de MMI,
Découvrez comment diffuser vos sessions, interviews, événements, messes, formations  en direct, comme un PRO sur différentes plateformes numériques...
Rencontre on line avec le Père  Louie GUADES III, CMF .
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Estimados amigos de MMI:
Aprende a transmitir tus sesiones, eventos, formaciones, misas come un PRO en directo. en diferentes pataformas multi media ..
Encuentro on line con Padre  Louie GUADES III, CMF .
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